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PATENTED hook shaped manual shoulder, neck and back self massage tool loved by crossfitters and athletes and highly recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors to effectively treat sore spasmed muscles, aches, knots and pains across your entire body.

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The Back Hook Massager is extremely handy if you have hard to reach spots that need constant attention; The lightweight design of the hook massager makes any part of your body easy to reach; The Back Hook Comes with a nylon storage carry bag
BREAKS UP TENSE MUSCLES while applying pain relieving trigger point therapy to deep knotted points along the body; Helps increase blood flow and maximize healing so that your boy can perform at its peak; Intended for those who want to massage the tense areas of your body

DESIGNED TO allow you to manually apply pressure to sore muscles and hard to reach areas such as the trapezius, upper, lower and mid back muscles; Two of the 9 knobs are strategically placed 2 inches apart to help stimulate and relax tense neck muscles and thigh muscles; Great for athletes, bodybuilders, crossfitters, gym goers, massage lovers and those going through physical therapy and recovering from injuries; Works better then a foam rollers, shiatsu massagers and tennis balls for myofascial release to provide an effect similar to having an elbow digging in to perform a deep tissue massage

MEASURES 19 X 13 at its longest and widest points; the hook shape makes it ideal to reach different areas of your back making it easy to effortlessly alleviate pain and stress while reenergizing your day; A must have if you suffer from tight shoulders and upper back; The angled handles allow you to get better leverage on every muscle group

9 KNOBS HELP control pressure to the desired area for trigger point release therapy to get rid of knots, muscle tension and aches; The Nayoya Back Hook Massager is a great piece of physical therapy equipment allowing you to relax your back, neck, shoulders and body to become stress free

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