electric massage chair pad with heat(A total of 56 massage balls, buttocks kneading massage)

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  • Product description

    Power supply: AC power
    Function: Handheld wire control
    Rated power: 115w
    Weight: 9kg
    Stalls: stepless speed change
    Number of massage balls: 56
    Massage: massage, kneading
    Applicable parts: legs, buttocks, neck, waist, back

  • Neck 16 different sizes of massage balls, rotating kneading massage, you can switch the direction of rotation, bring you different intensity of the massage experience, with heating function; pillow can adjust the height and 90 degrees angle, pillow cloth cover can Removed to clean
  • The back of the distribution of two rows of massage ball, from the inside out sliding massage, built-in six small massage ball, rotating massage
  • Waist two mechanical arm, expansion, closed rolling massage; hip cushion with 6 kneading massage ball, you can switch the direction of rotation can be used alone
  • Neck, back, waist massage ball rotation speed, direction and heating using the controller to adjust, you can adjust the two different temperatures, you can adjust a variety of speed; hip pad with a separate power cord and control switch
  • The whole massager is divided into three parts, each part has a separate motor, motor with pure copper movement, massage strength

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EU-Plug, AU, UK, US-Plug


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